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Access your documents from Dropbox, Google & Slack in one app. enables busy people to focus on important work.

Trusted by Professionals at

Trusted by Professionals at

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Find everything in one central app

Stop wasting time searching for your documents.

HQ connects Dropbox, Drive, Gmail, Slack and all your other apps and accounts in one central place to search for documents. Instantly find what you’re looking for, including attachments and shared files.

Anne-Marie V.
Professor, UA

"I love the ability to search across all my accounts in one go. So easy!"

Organize one place and stay productive

Stop managing a gazillion different apps and accounts.

HQ unites all your documents so you have only one place to organize. Quickly file recently created, shared and modified documents as they appear in your feed. You can even re-organize shared folders without impacting collaborators.

Julie B.
Lawyer, Du Moulin & Partners

"HQ helps me organize the endless sea of documents coming in."

Work efficiently and get more done

Stop breaking your workflow with endless tab-switching.

HQ centralizes all your apps so you have only one place to start working. Create new documents directly in My Library or use the Activity Feed to continue on recent work and newly shared or modified documents.

Giles V.
Founder, Timeless whatsapp

"HQ seamlessly fits in to how I work already. I highly recommend it."

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Mathias B.

Management consultant - Top 3 Consulting Firm

"HQ is a real time-saver. No more wasting time by logging in and out of apps and accounts to find the right document. With HQ I can search across apps and accounts. It’s saving me hours every week!"


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For individuals and small teams wanting to try HQ

5 third-party apps
10.000 documents
30 days of recent activity


For professionals and larger teams who want more

8per user / monthbilled yearly
Unlimited third-party apps
Unlimited documents
2 years of recent activity
Add up to 15 members to a team
Early access


For larger businesses who want everything

Unlimited third-party apps
Unlimited documents
Unlimited time of recent activity
Unlimited members
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Annelies N.
Lawyer, Brijs & Burnet

"I've been using '' for a few months and it saves me so much time"

Michael V.
Sales Manager, Santana

"My new favorite app. Hands-down."

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