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At HQ, we all come to work everyday because we want to solve the biggest productivity problem of our time These days there are so many apps promising to make you more productive and to make it easier to work with your documents, but the real problem is the amount of apps people are using to do so. On average we are using 11 apps every day to find, organize, edit, preview and share documents, bookmarks, videos and pictures. We don’t always realize it, but this makes us 20% less productive. Most people don’t really have a choice because of their work (eg consultants or freelancers) or because colleagues, clients, friends and family members keep sharing files through different apps. Migration to one app could be an option but it takes a lot of effort and people will keep sharing you new items via other apps, making this a never-ending ordeal.

That’s why we build HQ. It lets you keep all the apps and accounts you have now, but centralizes them all in one clean and easy-to-use design. This way you don’t have to migrate, your peers can still share documents with whatever app they want to use, all while you keep your focus in just one place. Our mission at HQ is to truly make you more productive.


Find, organize & work centralized in HQ, the workstation powered by your apps to eliminate switching between a gazillion tabs.


  • Founded in December 2016 in Antwerp, Belgium
  • Based in Leuven, Belgium
  • 7 team members, 3 founders, 2 wizards, 2 advisors.

Technology stack

Users interact with HQ via a react-based web application with a desktop & mobile version coming soon. Our back-end runs on .net Core to prepare for on-premise deployment at enterprise customers and even keep the possibility of a serverless version with a packaged deployment of our front- & back-end to the device. A chrome plugin helps to bring an integrated experience between HQ and the internet’s favorite browser.


Remember having just a few apps for work? Nowadays documents are stored everywhere and work is fragmented. It's nearly impossible to stay organized and keep track of what’s happening. HQ is the workstation powered by your apps to eliminate switching between tabs. Simply connect all your existing accounts and enjoy one central place where you can find everything, stay organized and work efficiently.

Getting started on something new is easy from now on. Open HQ, browse to the right folder and create documents right where you want them. Check the HQ feed to continue where you left off. It displays the most recent documents that were opened, modified or shared with you. Looking for something else? Hit search and get results from all your apps and accounts. Narrow them down on app, account, age, type, collaborator and much more until you find what you need. Don’t want to lose it again? Drag & drop the result to your library and continue working without delay. You can preview and share directly from HQ or open documents with the applications you’re familiar with.

HQ’s essentials are FREE. The PRO plan adds extra productivity and more customizations are offered in the ENTERPRISE version.

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Copyright 2019 © HQ